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Routine chimney and fireplace cleaning can help you avoid a costly chimney fire that can destroy your home. Without proper chimney maintenance, creosote can build up in your chimney over time. Creosote is a normal but dangerous by-product of fire that sticks to the inside of your chimney. Heavy buildup of creosote is flammable and can catch fire during regular fireplace usage. A professional chimney or fireplace cleaning, also known as a chimney sweep will remove creosote deposits from your chimney.


When you call All Safe Chimney Sweeps for a cleaning, a technician will cover any concerns you have about your fireplace, he will remove soot and ash from your fireplace and flammable creosote from your chimney. After the cleaning the firebox, damper and smoke chamber will be inspected followed by a Level 2 inspection using a closed-circuit video system to view the inside of the flue, then a final inspection of the exterior parts of the chimney looking at the cap, crown, flue extensions, flashing and waterproofing. 


To make sure your home remains dust free during the cleaning process, we will protect the area with drop cloths and use an air handler to filter the air to eliminate the dust produced by the cleaning process.


Following the inspection, we will conduct a final Q&A with you to address any issues we may find.

Contact us today to protect your home and family with a professional chimney sweep from All Safe Chimney Sweeps. 



If you're experiencing issues with your chimney including condensation, rain, poor smoke exhaust or other problems, call us today for an inspection. 


We offer a Level 1, visual inspection, and a Level 2 inspection using specialized Chim-Scan, technology, an internal video scanning system which allows us to evaluate all areas of your chimney. You'll be able to see a video inspection of the inside of your chimney in real-time with the tech. A chimney inspection may detect structural issues that require repair. 


The National Fire Protection Associate suggests that your chimney be inspected annually. Don't wait until the cold weather hits to find our your chimney needs repair!

Contact us today to schedule a chimney inspection. 


Many factors can precipitate the need for chimney repair, reline or restoration. Chimneys can be damaged over time by general use, wind and rain, poor construction, lack of maintenance and chimney fires. 


Occasionally the liners within the chimney will need to be replaced. The liner in an integral part of the internal part of the chimney, some older homes were built with no internal flue liners at all and some chimneys contain clay liners that have been damaged or worn over time. If an inspection reveals a missing, damaged or an ineffective liner All Safe Chimney Sweeps can repair and reline your chimney. A new liner can help your fireplace work more efficiently, keep moisture out of your firebox, and even keep cold air from drafting into your home.


Our experienced technicians can restore and repair your chimneys with services ranging from full rebuilds of the firebox and chimney, crown repair and rebuilds, chimney cap installation, brick replacement, flue relining, flashing repair and replacement and weatherproofing your chimney. 

Click here for more information about our chimney repair services. 


Chimney caps serve to keep water, debris and animals out of your chimney as well as contain sparks that can travel, resulting in roof fires or causing dry leaves to ignite around the home. A chimney cap is an effective and stylish way to protect your home and family from damage caused by animals, moisture and rain coming into chimney and especially a fire. 


We offer prefab chimney caps or we will custom fabricate a chimney cap to an exact match of your home’s exterior décor. Check out our selection of prefab chimney caps from chimneycaps.net.


All Safe can also upgrade your dampers, chase covers, clean outs and smoke guards. 


All Safe has distributor buying power with Empire Comfort Systems, Monessen Hearth, Golden Blount, and many of the top manufactures in the fireplace industry.


We can upgrade your fireplace to add a fireplace insert, linear burners with crushed glass, ceramic fire spheres or gas logs. 


Contact us today about upgrading your fireplace. 

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