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There are 2,900 dryer vent fires a year, causing five fatalities, 100 injuries, and an average of $9,600 in damages per year. Source FEMA Report - Clothes Dryer Fires in Residential Buildings.


Dryer vent fires are caused by excessive lint build up, all dryer vent fires can be prevented with routine cleanings. Unfortunately, the majority of consumers are not aware that the venting needs cleaned in addition to removing lint from the dryer’s lint trap. 


Excessive dryer lint builds up in the vent pipe causes dramatically reduced efficiency and can cause serious damage to the internal heating components of your dryer. Many of our clients learn about the necessity of dryer vent cleaning after repairing or replacing a dryer. 


Dryer vents should be cleaned annually to protect your home and family from a vent fire and keep your dryer working efficiently.

Contact us today to protect your home and family with a dryer vent repair. 



If you’re buying a new home, protect yourself and your investment! Have your realtor request a dryer vent inspection. 


Not having the venting cleaned on a regular basis will cause excessive wear on the dryer's internal parts, double the energy consumption, and can quite possibly cause a home fire. 


These issues aren’t seen on your typical home tour and are not discovered during a typical home inspection. Many times a clogged dryer vent is discovered after multiple repair visits when the dryer's internal parts are damaged.  


Don’t forget to request a chimney inspection too.


Starts at $250

Many homes today have outdated, brittle or inefficient dryer vent piping. All Safe Chimney Sweeps can repipe your dryer vent to improve efficiency, but more importantly, reduce the chance of a dryer vent fire because of brittle, outdated or clogged piping. 

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