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What to Expect from a Chimney Cleaning

Your chimney needs to be cleaned every couple of years or each time you burn through a cord of wood. A professional chimney service will remove flammable creosote from your chimney and include an inspection to protect your home and family. Creosote is a normal, but dangerous, byproduct of a wood burning fire. Over time, that creosote can build-up in your chimney and become flammable. Heavy buildup of creosote is flammable and can catch fire during regular fireplace usage. Lack of annual maintenance, burning sappy or wet or green wood or burning trash in your fireplace can cause the most dangerous type of creosote build-up.

During a chimney cleaning service, a technician will go over any concerns you have about your fireplace and chimney. He will evaluate the firebox, damper and smoke chamber then set up the ladder to inspect the crown, cap (if applicable) and exterior of the chimney. To make sure your home remains dust free from the cleaning process, we will protect the area with drop cloths and use an air handler to filter the air to eliminate the dust produced by the cleaning process.

We use a rotational cleaning system with an expandable power brush to allow for a broad cleaning area that accommodates multiple flue sizes. The chimney will be cleaned from the bottom to the top of the flue while we observe the debris to assess the build-up of creosote in your chimney.

Upon completion of the sweep, we clean the work area, then do the Level 2 inspection. Our Level 2 inspection uses the specialized Chim-Scan technology, an internal video scanning system which allows us to evaluate all areas of your chimney. You'll be able to see a video inspection of the inside of your chimney in real-time with the tech. If you’re not available at the time of the inspection, our technician will have a video available for review following the cleaning. A chimney inspection may detect structural issues that require repair.

Following the inspection, we will do a final cleanup of the area, replace any furniture, fireplace tools, or knickknacks to their original location, then conduct a final Q&A with you to address any issues we may find.

If you’re buying a home, ask your Realtor to request a chimney cleaning and/or inspection. Lack of maintenance is the number one cause of chimney fires, combustible creosote buildup in the smoke chamber will most likely eventually cause a chimney fire. These issues aren’t seen on your typical home tour. Some chimney fires go unnoticed and can cause significant damage usually not discovered until a cleaning and inspection.

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