Summer Fireplace Maintenance

August 8, 2018

Summer is the best time to perform chimney and fireplace maintenance. 


Even if your air conditioner is working overtime to combat the hot summer heat, now is a good time to ensure your fireplace is ready to go with no issues when cooler weather returns. 


Have All Safe Chimney Sweeps inspect your chimney today. Our inspection includes visual inspection of your chimney flue, inspection of your chimney crown, and cap (if applicable). If our technician sees creosote buildup, he will recommend a cleaning at that time. 


Routine chimney cleaning can help you avoid costly chimney fires that can destroy your home. Without proper chimney maintenance, creosote can build up in your chimney over time. Creosote is a normal but dangerous by-product of fire that sticks to the inside of your chimney. Heavy buildup of creosote is flammable and can catch fire during regular fireplace usage. A professional fireplace cleaning will remove creosote deposits from your chimney.


Schedule your fireplace inspection and or cleaning today with All Safe Chimney Sweeps. 




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All Safe Chimney Sweeps

Call us today for any chimney, fireplace, dryer vent, wood or gas stove maintenance, repair or rebuild. 

We service Charlotte and Winston Salem, North Carolina and surrounding areas. 

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